Frequently Asked Questions

Resource X is a platform designed to put consultants back in control of their career and giving small business a chance to compete with the "Big" companies. By connecting Clients with Resources directly we drastically reduce the time needed to fill a position, allow Resources access to a whole network of jobs, all while making sure the Client’s money is going directly to the Small Business or Resource.
To become a ResourceXer all you have to do is sign up and enter your skills and experience! A valid email and password is required in order to receive your confirmation email. Then fill out your profile, upload your resume, and start looking for your next job or let clients find you directly through the platform.
Any time a Client finds you and is interested in discussing a role or project, the Resource X platform will send you a message that includes the role or project name, description and start date. You can click on the role or project to get more information and respond to the client.
You are in charge or your profile, the more complete and the more specific the information, the more likely a client is to find you.  ResourceX will let clients know when an Xer matches their role or project.  During the beta phase we are exploring various ways to promote individuals and small businesses.
Yes, the very first box on your Profile gives you the option to hide your profile from multiple companies. This will prevent you from coming up in any searches that company runs and you can search confidently for your next role.  You will still have access to see the roles or projects that your current company posts.